För oss som seglar Amigo


Hello guys...........please please help me....

I am thinking of buying an Amigo 27.  I wanted to get more information on the boat and wondered if anybody on this site could help me.  The boat is well priced and has a 8hp Yanmar engine.  It is a 1974 model.  Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.


Amigo 27

Hello Simon!

I must say that I have some problem here to give an answer, have never done this before. Amigo 27 is an very reliable sailboat - slow sailor perhaps - mostly depending on the owner himself.The Yanmar engine is little old, but I think you can trust im. The exhaustsystem must be controlled, so also the generator.Of course there is much more to observe, but I hope this can be of some help.

Yours sincerly

 Leif Selhag